150+ Cool Instagram Captions to Make Your Post More Impressive

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Well, it is great to have some good ideas of the cool instagram captions. In fact, the best and right caption is important part of each post.

Nowadays, people always try to make many kinds of cool instagram captions. As one of the most popular social media platforms, people want to impress anyone who sees their post. Of course, the posts are not only about the picture and videos. The captions also play important roles.

That’s why people try hard to make the impressive captions for Instagram. Some people use the popular quotes or many words of wisdoms. There are also people who look for the inspiration or reference of caption. In case you are also interested to get some cool caption, you can try these options.

Cool Instagram Captions

Cool Instagram Captions

When you need some kinds of cool instagram captions, you will not need to worry about it. There are many great captions for you. Even, you will not run out of captions. When you just cannot think about any good words, you can take one of these captions. The cool caption will surely not make you disappointed.

Some cool captions about yourself can make the post more impressive. Even, it will not be too difficult to get some likes, especially when you also get good picture and video. You only need to get some suitable caption based on your post.

  • You are your own self. Don’t care about other people. Their likes and dislikes will not change your value.
  • Be happy and enjoy your life. This is the most important things in your life.
  • Joyful coincidence becomes the nice surprise given by the world. Don’t miss it.
  • Just be you. Don’t ever think of being like others.
  • When life makes you exhausted and you only need to rest.
  • Your life can be full of idiots. Just try to close your eyes and listen to other sounds.
  • It is not my luck. It is my skills and I deserve this.
  • If you think I am funny, surely this caption makes you laugh happily.
  • When you want to make your life better, laugh more.
  • Good morning, dude.
  • Can you tell me what time right now?
  • Why are you so serious? Get some laughs!
  • Sweet Sunday selfie.
  • Thanks God, It’s Friday.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot just turn back your time.
  • Seize the day.

There is no rule that you have to make long captions to get the cool ones. Sometimes, short and expressive word is more than enough to represent the meaning of your post. Therefore, it is not necessary to make poem. You only need to find good words and short ones are enough.

You can see that some short captions are more than enough. As long as the cool instagram captions is related to your post and it shows nice emphasis, it is good to choose as the caption for your post. The samples above can be picked and you are free to use any of them.

The Funny Instagram Captions

When you want to get other captions, you can try to have funny caption. This is good alternative when you need other options than the cool instagram captions. You are able to get some funny expressions and these are nice for your post.

The Funny Instagram Captions

Various themes are possible to pick when it is funny. Of course, the essence of funny caption is to make the reader laugh. Even if the captions still cannot make the laugh, at least these funny captions make the entertained.

  • Last subject before summer
  • What is your favorite word starting with F? I have Friday.
  • I do not like studying. However, when I study, I do nothing.
  • My hair looks great. My face looks for apology.
  • Surely these words are funny. I will these my caption.
  • Weekend, please stay a bit longer.
  • World is so unfair. I have Monday after Sunday, yet I have to wait for more days to get it back.
  • I do not like surfing, but when I do surfing, I sink.
  • I like foods. I like you more.
  • Just stay strong, dude. Your weekend is still far away.

These are some short and funny caption to choose. When you think that those are funny, you can pick one of them. However, when you do not think that these are funny enough to make you laugh, you still take it and say that you are making funny caption. Of course, some of them may also sound like a cool instagram captions.

Cool Instagram Captions with Wisdom

When you are type of person who loves to have various types of captions in your Instagram, you may have many kinds of themes and topics. After you talk about the cool and funny caption, there are also some wise words and these can become the cool instagram captions.

Cool Instagram Captions with Wisdom

Wise words may not make you look wiser. However, sometimes it can make people think twice and make them wiser. Although it may not help you to be better person, at least your cool instagram captions can help other. It is still god thing.

  • At least, sun still shines even in my bad days. I still have hopes.
  • Always say yes to your new day. Always say ready for the new adventure.
  • Stay positive. Sun still shines even when the dark coulds cover it.
  • You are the driver of your life. You determine your own direction.
  • You do not live forever. Do good things. Make things that matter.
  • Don’t get tired of the potholes. Enjoy your journey and the scenery.
  • Don’t ever think about Rome, you even cannot build your house in one day.
  • There is no loser. You can only choose between winner and learner.
  • In some ways, risking is much better than regretting later.
  • Sweet quotes do not make you successful. Your attitude does.

These become some of the cool instagram captions that can show some good wisdom. These may also be considered as quote when you think so. Whatever the name of these captions, there are deep meanings that can motivate you and the readers of your caption.

Cool Instagram Captions about Travelling

When you love travelling, of course some of your photos and videos show your travelling experiences. When you get these kinds of contents, it is great to have cool instagram captions about traveling. This will surely look great whenever you share good content.

Cool Instagram Captions about Travelling

It is not difficult to get the cool instagram captions for the content of travelling. Of course, you do not need to worry when you are lack of ideas. Some of these quotes are great to choose and you are free to pick any of them.

  • Keep calm and always travelling
  • It is great time to get some portion of Vitamin Sea.
  • Leave your baggage. Bring your luggage.
  • Won’t be available until further notice.
  • What is the best business to have? Travelling. I am tired yet I am satisfied.
  • I was born with a passport on my left hand.
  • Out of the office. Taking long break.
  • My passport saves my report.
  • Every day is traveling day.
  • Travelling is great with nice friends.

These are some cool instagram captions with the theme of holiday. You can pick any of them. Of course, you may also make other kinds of captions based on the photos or locations of your travelling. There is no rule. What is important is to share your moment of happiness during the travelling.

Cool Couples Captions for Instagram

The cool instagram captions will never be complete when you have no captions about couples. You can get various nice words to attract your beloved person. Even, some words may also be good ways to show your affection.

Cool Couples Captions for Instagram

In some cases, you may use the captions to flirt someone. Surely, you can find various occasions related to the caption. These are only some of the cool instagram captions for the couples or lovers. You may use these as your insights.

  • I never feel that I am attractive. If you call me cute, of course I am happy and thankful.
  • Things can be more beautiful when you smile. Even, dark clouds are no longer dark.
  • Cute things deserve attention. Cute person deserves affection.
  • You and I, and I will not need other persons to make the gang.
  • Chocolate is sweet, but never makes you fall in love. You are sweeter and you make you fallen every day.
  • Together with you always become the most favorite place.
  • I just hope that we will never see the last page.
  • You can always make me happy when the whole world cannot do anything.
  • I am not romantic. I just love you.
  • I have my book of life and your face is printed in each page of the book.

These are some of the sweet captions for couples. Some of them sound so sweet and maybe some people can be jealous while reading the caption. Of course, these can become your great cool instagram captions when you want to express your feeling.

Other than these kinds of captions, you still can find various cool captions. Many sources can help you. Even, you may make your own. It is not difficult and you only need to give more effort to get it. Once you get the cool instagram captions, you can easily share it to make your post so complete.