170+ Best Short Instagram Captions for Every Picture You Post

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Need inspiration to put short Instagram captions for the next upload? Here are some amazing ones that you could use for free.

Keep your posts on-point, direct, and not boring by opting to use short Instagram captions instead of long ones unless it is really necessary. Those captions would give written voice or statement to your visual contents, because the hard work of keeping your social media alive doesn’t stop at taking, editing, and uploading the photos or videos.

Short Instagram Captions

In addition, proper short Instagram captions are not only going to explain your posts on the platform, but also encourage the people who sees it to take any kind of action that you want, or let them crack a laugh at the jokes. Caption is definitely not only an afterthought, so you shouldn’t treat it that way, because that would mean you lose opportunity to share delights to your audience as well as engage with them.

Depend on what content that you share, sometimes it is important to write lengthy text as additional information to the followers. For example, details about some events or recipe of the food pictures that you uploaded. However, keep it brief and simple on times other than those, because sometimes short Instagram captions are the best to make the audience focus on the visual content that would do most of the talking. Here are some collections of them that listed below and categorized into several parts.

Short Instagram Captions for Girls

You should know posting stunning photos or cute selfies are not exactly complete before using as amazing captions. If you ever need ideas to find great short Instagram captions, use the list below and be ready to upload those gorgeous pictures of yours.

Short Instagram Captions for Girls

  • Us girls just want some fun and some sun.
  • Enjoy this look of the day.
  • Picky about boys and even pickier about selfies.
  • If looks could kill this is what it looks like.
  • Flowers do not worry about the beauty of other flowers. It just blooms.
  • Keep your head high, and your standard higher.
  • Wild, young, beautiful, and free.
  • They’d be talking about my life because they don’t have one.
  • Princess, time to rise and shine
  • Happy girls are no doubt the most beautiful girls.
  • The designer of my wardrobe is my confidence.
  • Best friends? More like sisters!
  • Create your own brand of beautiful.
  • Never apologize for being you.
  • Money cannot buy you this amount of taste and class.
  • You’re a diamond. The more you break, the more you shine.

The point of adding short Instagram captions for selfie is to let people catch the vibe behind the picture better, so do not hesitate to use few suitable lines above. Sometimes, using the brief and short sentence is more meaningful rather than using the long captions. Just straight to the point for the things you want to share through the picture.

Short Instagram Captions for Guys

As we know, most guys use short Instagram captions to send message to people in order to be understood. These straight to the point captions would make you be able to connect and communicate with other without being over the top.

Short Instagram Captions for Guys

  • Never underestimate simplicity.
  • Physically in here, mentally out there.
  • Go for adventure. Escape all the ordinaries.
  • Boys will always be boys.
  • The only thing harder than making money is being poor.
  • A man is nothing without his confidence.
  • Choose discipline today, or face the regret tomorrow.
  • I don’t get my broken heart healed, I bought new one.
  • Stand out instead of fit in.
  • If they talk behind my back, it just means that I’m ahead.
  • Remember that success is not for the averages.
  • Born to be succeeded.
  • Being young is never an excuse for a gentleman.
  • Currently train to be the best.
  • You are what you do, not what you say.
  • My limit goes as high as the sky.
  • Kind is the new cool.

A picture could say thousands of words, but these short Instagram captions would make more sense of them. The chances of gaining more likes and comments for guys are also possible when they use texts under their posts.

Funny Short Captions for Instagram

Funny posts are what people favor the most on the social media. Amusing short Instagram captions could make them chuckle and feel better. Use these humorous lines below if you cannot think of one when posting your hilarious pictures.

Funny Short Captions for Instagram

  • I barely have a selfie control.
  • Feel like I have more issues than the Vogue.
  • If your dog isn’t your best friend, what are you doing with life?
  • Balanced diet: having hamburgers on right hand and fries on left hand.
  • Should send my selfie to NASA because I am a star.
  • I get a deficiency on Vitamin U.
  • Why does one minute felt like sixty seconds to me?
  • I am unique. You know, just like everyone else.
  • I am not always clever. Sometimes I am asleep.
  • I’m only overweight because it makes me harder to be kidnapped.
  • Dear Life, when I asked if the day could be worse, it’s not a challenge.
  • I talk to myself when I need proper advice.
  • Study is hard, but being stupid is harder.
  • I wish everyday felt like Friday.
  • Let’s eat cake because it’s someone’s birthday somewhere.
  • Not lazy, just constantly on energy saving mode.
  • Finding spider isn’t scary. Losing it after seeing one is.

In fact, it is not easy to stands out in major platform like Instagram with millions of users. Well, one way to help you to do it is by posting the compelling contents along with the interesting short Instagram captions like the ones on the list above.

Best Short Instagram Captions

Need some motivation and feel the urge to share it with others? Then all you need is to add these inspiring and positive short Instagram captions. Not only they can be used for captions, but also for your social media’ bios.

Best Short Instagram Captions

  • I’d like to think that best thing has yet happened to me.
  • Nothing kills your dream faster than your own pessimism.
  • Your power is that you are you.
  • Comfort zone is nice and all but nothing great comes from it.
  • The only thing I belong is to myself.
  • Do things that would make your soul shines.
  • Be quiet if you cannot be positive.
  • The less you speak, the more they listen.
  • Challenge the limits instead of limiting the challenges.
  • Only by climbing harder you would the view way better.
  • Even the greatest started by taking the first step.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes.
  • No cowards write remarkable history, so be brave.
  • Darkest nights produce the brightest stars.
  • Good things take time.

Some short Instagram captions above are silly, and some are a bit heavy. The root nature of Instagram is to be relatable, personable, and lighthearted, so use whatever caption that you feel would suit you the best on your next amazing posts to make your insta-feed more interesting.