60+ Best Captions for Instagram to Put with Your Cool Photos and Selfies

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Searching for the best captions for Instagram because you couldn’t come up with any? Look the collection below and be ready to upload that fantastic post of yours.

Struggling to find best captions for Instagram is something that a lot of people can relate. Sure, you can just upload the post without any caption, but for some people it’s a matter that they take seriously. You cannot really blame them, to be fair, having an awesome caption added the value to the post itself.

Caption can be used to encourage people to comments, like, or know more about you through your posts. It’s a powerful tool to use as opportunity to build stronger interaction with your followers. Creating good content is super important, but adding the text may get you broader audiences and a great strategy to build engagement on the social media.

Best Captions for Instagram

The platform provides space to write under your pictures with about 2,200 characters limitation. Here’s some tips to write the best captions for Instagram: keep it direct, brief, and in context with your post. Sprinkle some humors here and there. Proper spelling and grammar wouldn’t hurt also.

To give you ideas about best captions for Instagram, here are few lines that might be suitable to put under your uploaded photos or selfies.

Best Captions for Instagram

You just snapped the perfect photos, amazing pose, beautiful lighting, nice smile, and all. However, it took you so long to upload them because you can’t find the perfect captions. In times like those, just use these best captions for Instagram about self-love and confidence.

  • Life is not always perfect, but thankfully my outfits are
  • Stay classy, never trashy, and often times sassy.
  • Can’t afford to be as cool as me?
  • This morning woke up like this.
  • You know what’s my power? No one is me, that is.
  • Be happy and confident, they look good on you.
  • Self-love is the best love.
  • Turn out being content is better and easier than having diet.
  • Today’s note to self: be ready, I’m going to make you proud.
  • Born to stand out rather than to fit in.

Those best captions for Instagram about confidence will help you overcome the struggle to find fun and unique lines for each one of your photos.

Best Captions for Instagram Selfies

Taking flawless selfies to upload on the social media might be hard, but coming with some witty lines to look less like a narcissist could be even harder. That’s why the list of best captions for Instagram selfies below is provided for you.

Best Captions for Instagram Selfies

  • Stop wasting your energy by being pissed off. Just ignore and let go.
  • Savage at attitude, gold at heart.
  • Who cares what people think if you’re honestly happy?
  • Look, it’s the selfie Sunday again!
  • Born to shine.
  • I speak fluent sarcasm.
  • Don’t cry, he’s not worth over your expensive mascara.
  • If you do not own what’s yours, others will.
  • Basic people like you hardly do any cool stuff like me.
  • Here’s the proof that I took better selfies than you.
  • I don’t choose the high-end lifestyle, it chooses me!
  • Dress so good, they can’t help but stop and stare.

Whether you look for cool, funny or creative ones, you can find them all on a bunch of cool and awesome captions above.

Best Instagram Captions Living Good Life

People say a picture says more than a thousand words. However, words are the ideal tools to enhance the picture and complete your posts. Here are few of the best captions for Instagram to use next time you’re planning to upload some photos.

Best Instagram Captions Living Good Life

  • Look at the life around you and you will find so many things to smile about.
  • You won’t find happiness in the exact place that you lost them.
  • The happy coincidence that life gives you is the nicest surprise.
  • Be the hero of your own story.
  • There are so many things to regret about, but never about kindness.
  • Remember it’s not always about surviving the storm, sometimes it’s about dancing in the rain.
  • Stop trying to find yourself, create yourself from now instead.
  • Anyone could die for love, but everyone was born to live.
  • There are some wonderful things that can be only discovered if you’re willing to get lost.
  • Remember that sun will shine tomorrow even if you have a dark night.
  • I choose to be happy because I deserve it.
  • Life is too short to be sad.

The secret to put up the best captions for Instagram is to find several different options. Luckily, you can just choose one from several choices above and post it along with your picture on your account.

Best Captions for Cute Couple Instagram Pictures

If you are the cutesy-type of person who likes to upload your partner’s or couple pictures, then these best captions for Instagram for couple are just exactly what you need. The “cute couple” photo is one of the most popular types of feed on the platform. It’s a good opportunity to share your happiness and love to the world.

Best Captions for Cute Couple Instagram Pictures

  • Time stands still when I am with you.
  • The key to love is not to find a perfect person, but loving an imperfect person perfectly.
  • If my life were a story, you’d be the most important chapter.
  • Can’t imagine one single thing that could possibly replace you.
  • Don’t call me cute, don’t call me pretty. Call me yours is all I want.
  • The price of my unconditional love and support is free.
  • You’re such a wonderful person inside and out.
  • You are my one in seven billion.
  • My happiness, my joy, and my pride.
  • I have loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I definitely will love you tomorrow.
  • Meeting you is always the best part of my day.

Best captions for Instagram pictures on various categories above would save you from the hassles of coming up with clever text to accompany your uploaded post. You could think the caption as written explanation or description of your photo, and it is possible to add hashtags and emojis for fun.

It is also possible to use the best captions for Instagram above as a way to engage more with your followers. Choose any line that would match with the tone of your photos whether it is a humorous one or a heartfelt story.