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When it is your special day and you have no idea of caption, these instagram birthday captions for yourself can give the solution. Check them below for your inspirations.

Birthday is special moment, and it is good to have instagram birthday captions for yourself. It may sound strange, but it is not bad idea at all. Although mostly other people will congratulate you in your birthday, it is still fine to make your own greeting and create the caption for special post in Instagram.

Birthday moment happens once in a year. However, it will always be different moment every year and it never becomes the same experiences. That’s why it is always good idea to make something special in your birthday, including making your own self-appreciation or self-reward by congratulating yourself. The instagram birthday captions for yourself can help when you have no ideas of caption to make in the post.

It is going to be helpful when you have your own collection of birthday captions for yourself in Instagram. Since sometimes it may sound awkward to congratulate yourself, it is better to look for the good words and deliver these words for yourself. It feels like having other people celebrating and sending the words for you. Moreover, you do not need to get confused since you already have the collections of caption.

Instagram Birthday Captions for Yourself

Instagram Birthday Captions

Instagram becomes the popular media for sharing many good vibes. It becomes the most popular platform when it is to share some photos and videos. Each post will have additional caption that will reflect the meaning of the post. When the post is about your birthday, of course it can be instagram birthday captions for yourself.

Regarding the caption, some people think that longer caption is better. However, it is not kind of exact quality. There is no rule regarding the length of words or sentences. It is more about the expression. That is why there can be various lengths of instagram birthday captions for yourself.

In case you want to start with something simpler, it is better to have the short captions. These are simple in term of sentence length, but it is clear enough in sending the message about your birthday. These instagram birthday captions for yourself will become nice references for you.

  • Birthday shows good things in my life. The latest research shows that the more numbers I have in the birthday, the longer and happier I live. It is totally nice research.
  • I feel so grateful to see another new day in this New Year.
  • There is nothing to worry about getting older. It is my turn, next is yours. Just enjoy the moment and send me some good prayers.
  • I am sending the happiest birthday prayer to the greatest and best person in the world. Happy birthday to me.
  • Happy memories. Happy person with great families. Happy feeling with all of the blessing. Happy birthday to me. So happy to have a new day.
  • It is the best time to send my official news. Today, it is a special moment of birthday. It is the birthday of the most special person. It is my birthday and I send the best prayer for myself.

From these captions, surely you will know that it is surely a good idea to make your own caption to celebrate your own birthday. It may sound strange, but it is surely unique for your instagram post. You only need to find good picture and add the instagram birthday captions for yourself.

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Happy Birthday to Me

In celebrating a birthday, it is not only about celebration or party. There is an essential point and it cannot be ignored. It is about being grateful for the new life and New Year. This is the simplest prayer to have as a deep expression of gratitude since God has given you new opportunities. Therefore, the instagram birthday captions for yourself should also have the content to express the grateful feeling.

It is not difficult to get the caption to show grateful expression. Even if it is about the unique instagram birthday captions for yourself, you still can deliver your prayer through the caption. These are some nice examples to express your gratitude.

Happy Birthday to Me

  • I would like to say my thanks to the Almighty God for all the good things I have in life. Thank you God for always giving me the best life. Happy birthday to me.
  • This is the special day. It is my birthday and I want to celebrate it. I also want to send special prayer of gratitude. The merciful Lord has blessed me great life and I hope the He continues to keep giving me happy life with abundance of blessing. Happy birthday to myself.
  • I have got a life another year and it thanks to God. Now, he grants me new opportunity, so I would like to send my deepest gratitude. Thanks God for your great blessing. May you keep showering me with great life. Happy birthday to me.
  • I am grateful for waking up in this morning and I have my birthday. God has given me fresh air in this New Year. I am grateful and I hope that God can keep giving me sprinkles of great life in the upcoming days.

In some ways, it is not only a gratitude for God. It is true that Lord gives you great life. However, you also have great parents. That is why it is good to have instagram birthday captions for yourself and you get some gratitude message for your beloved father and mother.

There are some ways to show your love and gratitude. These instagram birthday captions for yourself can help you to express the love to the ones who have accompanied you in each step of your life since you were born into this world.

  • Thank you, Mom. You have given birth a great child and you have kept and protected him until he got his birthday today. Happy birthday to me and happy life for you, Mom.
  • I am so lucky to have great parent as you. Not everyone can be so lucky. Thank you so much for keep standing by my side. Happy birthday to me.
  • Some years ago, I cried for the first time and my mom was so grateful to hear by cry. It is the best cry in her life and now I am getting old, and I still shed tears remembering the great love that you have given me, Mom. Happy birthday to me.
  • Father and mother becomes the best present for my birthday. I only hope that God will keep them by my side for the next birthdays in my life.

These few words can express and show the deep love as a son or daughter. Without parents, it is impossible for someone to get a happy life. Even, it is more than just a great fortune to have great parent to accompany in each step of life. That is why it is great to have some instagram birthday captions for yourself and these captions can show the gratitude.

You still can find other kids of captions to show your gratitude and your prayers for your beloved father and mother. Although it is about instagram birthday captions for yourself, it is fine to bring your special persons in the captions and prayers.

Instagram Birthday Captions for Yourself

When it talks about the instagram birthday captions for yourself, it will never be complete when you have no good captions in the funny tones. When you make things so serious in your caption, sometimes it will only make your birthday less interesting.

Therefore, you will need some great instagram birthday captions for yourself in funny tones. The funny tones can make those who read your captions entertained. They will know that you are celebrating your special day, and they will also get the laughs. It means that your captions and birthday also bring joys for others. Related to the captions, you may pick some of these words.

Instagram Birthday Captions

  • It is worth to cheer my effort. I still survive until the new day where I can celebrate the birthday. Of course, I still have to do more effort to survive until the next birthday. It is tiring but it is also full of pleasure.
  • Do not worry about your age. It is your birthday and it means that you older now. You will keep getting older tomorrow, but it is not big problems. All people will have their turn, so just celebrate the moment. This is my birthday, dude.
  • It is my birthday. I am so grateful since everyone will text me happy birthday, but they will never know my actual age. It is the best riddle to have every year and I am glad when you are all confused. Happy birthday.
  • If you have bad day, please do not come and ruin my day. It is my birthday. Just come when you want to share happiness. At least, spare me in this special moment, okay?
  • Happy birthday to me. Do you know that my life is never easy? However, I am glad since I still can survive. It shows that I am strong enough and the obstacles are just too weak for me. Happy birthday to the strong me.
  • My birthday only reminds me that I have got older. It means that I cannot mess up with my life anymore. Should I be happy or sad? Whatever. Happy birthday to me. Wishing me better luck in the upcoming years.

Some of the instagram birthday captions for yourself are funny. The words show that you are not fully grateful, and there are some jokes and curses. However, there is always grateful feeling instead of the bad things in life. It is good way to deliver the funny words in your special day.

  • Finally, one of my targets in life is achieved. Now, I can celebrate my birthday with my couple. Of course, you do not need to know what we have last night. Surely, this is great birthday moment. Happy birthday to me.
  • It is my birthday. Please everyone come and bring some good wines and tasty foods. I am celebrating the birthday with a party, and I invite you all to share me good foods and drink. I am nice, right? Send me the good prayers.
  • Although I am no longer young now, I am still grateful. I still can taste good foods, so please bring the best meals in my birthday or I will curse you.
  • Today, I am having my birthday. I got no doubt that I got older. I also had no shred of doubts that I will get great days. Please send me the good prayers, so I got no doubts anymore.

These funny captions will surely refresh your post. Whenever people see the captions, they may share some laughs. Of course, it is a good way to celebrate your special moments. These instagram birthday captions for yourself can successfully make your post more special than the other contents.

Since it is post in instagram, the instagram birthday captions for yourself will not be enough. You should also get some good pictures of videos. It can be your funny pictures or any recent pictures when you are celebrating your birthday. It will give the real birthday vibe in your post.

When you have no good picture, you can have other good pictures. It is your birthday, but it does not mean that you should always have birthday theme for the content. The instagram birthday captions for yourself are enough to tell it. Of course, it is more about your freedom and creativity.

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It is your special day. You are free to make great posts in Instagram. Even, you may make some posts in a day. However, you cannot skip the most important things and it is about your happiness. That is why there are instagram birthday captions for yourself, so you do not need to worry about the caption.