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These unique, creative, and different love captions for Instagram are guaranteed to make the post about your loved one better. Just use them if you think a simple ‘I love you’ is not enough.

Expressing your love through words can be quite hard, but these love captions for Instagram might make it easier. There are many ways to show your feelings and emotion to your partner, including by uploading pictures of them or both of you on the social media and share it with the world.

You can use these sets of love captions for Instagram for various events. For instance, the date on the park with cutely packed lunch, a day off together that spent on amusement park, or just regular weekend date watching movies. There is a big chance that you two would snap several adorable couple pictures.

To be the ‘it’ couple in the platform, you can’t just use basic and boring captions. This following collection of love captions for Instagram would make a really great addition to your uploaded photos, because that’s what the person you loved deserves. Take a look at the list of love captions for Instagram pictures below and simply copy the lines under your next post.

Love Captions for Instagram

Love Captions for Instagram

Finding the right love captions for Instagram to put whenever you are about to post the snap of your pretty girlfriend is important. Sometimes it feels tough to come up with the right words to describe how precious and meaningful she is to you, and how worth she is to be boosted on different moments as often as you can.

This compiled list of love captions for Instagram for girlfriend would be convenient in order to show appreciation for her. It could be for daily snaps, or special events’ pictures such as Valentine day or her birthday.

  • Her smile is the key to unlock the happiness inside me.
  • You make me happy the way no one else can.
  • Happiness looks certainly stunning on you.
  • The moment I see you, I see something that shines brighter than the sun.
  • I probably cannot love you more than today, but I just know that I will tomorrow.
  • Fall for you all over again every time I see that smile.
  • Meeting you is the most favorite part of my day.
  • She is my today and tomorrow. She is my now and forever.
  • It’s once again a reminder of how beautiful you are to me.
  • My joy, my pride, and my happiness.
  • She is like a light on the darkest hour of night.
  • Excuse me but do you even have license to be this cute?
  • My girl who is perfect in imperfect way.
  • No offense but I think we would look really cute together.
  • Life is short, and so are you. Life is also incredibly wonderful, and so are you.
  • I do not feel butterflies in my stomach when I see you, I feel the whole zoo.
  • Spring is in the air, but so does love when you’re around.
  • Life’s hardly going perfect, but your love always is.
  • Today, I’m lacking of vitamin U.
  • Let’s grow old together.
  • By the time you hold my hand, you already hold my heart.
  • Instagram, meet this cutie. Cutie, meet Instagram.
  • Nothing makes me happier than making you happy.
  • To be with you, what a wonderful way to be.

Showing your love by uploading your girlfriend pictures, along with those captivating love captions for Instagram is one of the best ways to boast about how many affections you have for her. After all, the social media is created to documented valuable memories, including ones with your beloved person.

So do not waste your time by thinking too hard about what love captions for Instagram you should use, and make your girlfriend’s day by telling how awesome she is to the world through your social media.

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Love Instagram Captions for Boyfriend

Ladies of Instagram, you are all can relate about how fun it is to post a snap of your charming boyfriend.  They can be attractive, frustrating, cute, or straight up silly at times, but that’s what make them interesting. But what love captions for Instagram that could reflect how lovable your boyfriend is?

Love Instagram Captions for Boyfriend

In case you’re going through confusion on what captions to write under your boyfriend photo, simply go through love captions for Instagram because there’s a big chance you will find one that you’d like. This list is specifically composed for the lovely captures you took of or with him.

  • Lucky to have you.
  • You make a perfect partner of crime.
  • Thank you for making me smile so much until my cheeks hurt.
  • My favorite kind of distraction.
  • You could hug me forever, or at least until one of us get hungry and have to eat.
  • This is love: being stupid and lame together, but still kind of like it.
  • I love me some of this stupid, goofy, crazy but oh so amazing boyfriend.
  • Love how you always call me beautiful like it was my name.
  • My kind of perfect.
  • Hello, is your middle name ‘simply amazing’?
  • A person that makes me smile even if I have no reason to.
  • You stole my heart first, so I’m going to steal your last name.
  • Happiness comes effortlessly when I’m with you.
  • Please keep my heart that you stole safe.
  • He cannot fix all my problems, but he promises won’t let me face them alone.
  • Gloomy sky turns into sunny day when you smile at me.
  • Did you eat magnet for lunch? Because I’m so attracted to you.
  • The person who makes me nervous, but always in the best way.
  • His laugh is my favorite sound.
  • My absolute favorite, beside pizza and chocolate.
  • He’s mine, sorry ladies. All rights reserved.

Those love captions for Instagram would match for any kinds of personality that your boyfriend has. Whether he is a half clown that always makes you laugh with his jokes, a clingy bear that couldn’t spend a single day without you, or the annoyingly cute type.

Sometimes you can help but to express how much love you feel for this specific guy or tell the world about how much he matters to you. The love captions for Instagram compilation above will come handy in times like these.

Love Captions for Couples

Instagram couples, unite here! The romantic love captions for Instagram are ready to use as ideas for your next couple selfies or photos. Do not sweat no more about the perfect lines that’s not over the top to use on the image sharing platform because these captions below with no doubt will help you on that.

Love Captions for Couples

These love captions for Instagram not only contains ordinary words and sweet nothings, but also the anti-boring, witty, silly, and hilarious lines. There is nothing wrong in poking fun in romance every now and then, rather than being deep all the times.

  • Double trouble together.
  • The perfect blend of madness and love.
  • We go along even better than the salt and pepper.
  • Maybe we could prove everyone that forever actually exists.
  • I just love us so much.
  • Us being together is the best thing ever happened to me.
  • Me meeting you is a proof that miracle can happen sometimes.
  • I love you in every kind of way, in every minute of the day.
  • I get easily tired, but never of us.
  • It’s amazing that a person could feel so much like home.
  • Fall in love with you like I have never before.
  • Life gets so much better when you are on it.
  • Being together is my addiction.
  • Even if you hug me so tight that I cannot breathe, it would be the best way to die.
  • Being crazy alone is not enough, so we’re being crazy together.
  • I love it when you smile, but I love it better if I am the reason.
  • The love that shine bright both inside the darkness and the light.
  • I probably would survive life without you, but you know, I don’t want to.
  • I count my blessings one by one, but I can’t help but to count you a hundred of times.
  • The smile that’s always worth melting for.
  • Between the stupid jokes, small fights, long walks, and enjoyable talks, I found myself fall in love with you.
  • Nothing’s better than being together.

You could use massive set of romantic love captions for Instagram as resource to send sweetest words for your dearest person. They are perfect to use both for cute and lighthearted snaps or stunning couple shots.

Show your followers about how wonderful and grateful you are for your partner by sharing your lovely moments. It doesn’t matter whether you share a picture about special occasion or just daily activities together; these love captions for Instagram would cater your needs for lovey-dovey words.

Self Love Instagram Captions

To love oneself is the first step towards loving others, that’s why you probably have heard that the most important love is self-love. Self-love is where everything starts. If you ever need a boost on your self-esteem, or want to lift others’ through your post on social media, then these love captions for Instagram about loving yourself may fit, and able to inspire everyone in order to honor themselves.

Self Love Instagram Captions

It’s not an easy job to love oneself. Your audience would be able to relate with you the hardship of judging themselves hard when they did something below expectation or not being good enough. That’s why several love captions for Instagram about loving yourself below might remind them to accept themselves more in order to be stronger mentally.

  • First, love yourself and everything else would follow into.
  • Want to know the key on happiness? Fall in love with yourself, that is.
  • Learning to love myself unconditionally.
  • The only approval you would ever need is your own.
  • Dance, eat, move, and live life like you love yourself.
  • The only constant company on your life is you, so make it at least enjoyable.
  • Friendly reminder that it’s not selfish to have self-love.
  • I’m proud of who I am, doesn’t matter how anyone else sees me.
  • Take a look into mirror; that’s the only person who’s capable of changing your life.
  • The biggest mistake is to underestimate ourselves.
  • I am, above anyone else, deserve of my attention and love.
  • I wasn’t born to be perfect; I am born to be real.
  • I choose to be happy today; I choose to love myself completely and unconditionally.
  • My power is that no one is me.
  • Don’t allow anyone to make you change the way you see yourself.
  • You cannot be good at loving someone if you cannot be good at loving yourself.
  • Instead of learning to pull myself from the darkness, I learn to take care of myself there.
  • Currently learning to embrace my weirdness instead of being embarrassed of it.
  • Approve yourself instead of criticizing yourself, and see what changes next.
  • Liking me is my job, not yours.
  • The most often unrequited kind of love is the self-love.
  • If you want things around you to change, then things inside you must change too.
  • Be like flower, it just blooms and do not need attention to do so.
  • Put trust on the divine inside you.

Love captions for Instagram about loving yourself above may help to remind and share with the world about the importance of self-care and self-love. Some are inspiring, some are little bit funny, but all of them are guaranteed to at least make your followers and your own day be a bit more positive, brighter, and lighter.

From various lines about love captions for Instagram for your partners or for yourself above, you may choose the one that match with the vibe or message that you want to convey on the visual elements that you uploaded. It’s hard, even almost impossible for these handpicked quotes above to go wrong in expressing the love that you have for your significant other.

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No reason to overthink about what lines to write under your couple pictures. Plenty of engaging and relatable love captions for Instagram above are ready to be borrowed. Now you could post as many pictures you want without taking so much time to think about what sweet and romantic captions to use.