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Take the Outback Customer Indulgence Survey at www.telloutback.com to share your thoughts on our food and service. The data you submit will be used to enhance the store’s ambiance, certain items, and the quality of service you get. We hope that taking this survey online will be a helpful and time-saving experience.

You are under no need to complete the Outback Customer Indulgence Survey, but doing so will earn you some very nice perks from the company. The opportunity to share your thoughts is a positive side effect. To many, the opportunity to provide feedback on a company’s products and services is crucial.

Outback Steakhouse

In 1988, Outback Steakhouse was the first restaurant to offer a menu including dishes from Australia. More than 1,200 locations in 70 countries make up the global chain’s global footprint, with headquarters in Tampa, Florida. The chains’ international reach extends to 21 countries, with the most recent additions being North America, Japan, Brazil, and Australia. They bring in about $3 billion annually and employ over 80,000 people.

Everyone in the family may enjoy a meal at Outback, since they provide a wide variety of excellent meals and amazing appetizers. The Bloomin’ Onion and the Aussie Fries are two of the most well-known starters at this restaurant. Bob Basham, Trudy Cooper, Chris T. Sullivan, and Tim Gannon make up Outback’s four proprietors.

Outback Customer Indulgence Survey Requirements

  • To be able to use a computer and connect to the Internet.
  • Know how to read either English or Spanish.
  • Get your most recent Outback receipt with the survey invitation.

How to Take the Outback Customer Indulgence Survey

Outback Customer Indulgence Survey at www.telloutback.com

  1. Use the URL www.telloutback.com.
  2. Click the “Espanol” blue link beneath the “Start” button if Spanish is your chosen language. Next, go on to Stage 3.
  3. Fill out the text box with the 18-digit code found on your receipt. If you want to go on to the next text box, you’ll have to manually tab to it. This number is located in the center of your receipt. When ready, press the Play button.
  4. Some inquiries regarding your most recent visit are forthcoming. You’ll need a few web pages to answer all of these questions. Please provide complete and frank responses using the provided text fields.
  5. When you finish the survey, you may enter to win one of eighty $50 gift cards or a grand prize of $1,000.