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There are plenty examples of good dog captions for Instagram. You will find some of the best ones in the article below.

Many people are sharing dog captions for Instagram. This pet is indeed the most loyal companion that human can have. They are hardy and lovely. If you want to share some of your favorite dog pictures in the social media feed, you must add good caption.

Dog Captions for Instagram

Dog Captions for Instagram

Sometimes you just want to share how happy your life is with a dog in it. There are few examples of dog captions for Instagram that you can take inspiration from. These captions will make your followers wanting to have dog on their own.

  • My puppy just do this cute but simple puppy thing in front of me and my whole day is made because of that.
  • You say that gems are woman’s best companion? You clearly have never experienced the pure pleasure of raising a dog.
  • My happiest days in life start with my dog and end with my dog.
  • Puppy kisses before going into the harsh adult world? The next part of my day becomes full of rainbow and sunshine.

Dog Instagram Captions

There are more ways to express your love for dogs with dog captions for Instagram. The following captions are definitely clever enough to engage your followers. If you have some cute pictures of your dog, you can also include some dog captions for Instagram about its daily life. Fellow dog lover in your follower list would be able to relate to your captions.

  • There is nothing better to describe what love is than kisses full of drools, cute wagging tails, and loud snuffles in the night.
  • The path to my heart is adorned with small paw prints that will never be washed away.
  • I just realize that the word “love” has four legs, just like my dog. Coincidence? I beg to differ.
  • It does not matter how many years have passed, the love for the cute cuddly bundle will never cease.
  • There are three main tasks that any dog must fulfill in its life: live energetically, love enthusiastically, and bark loudly.
  • Golden heart like dog is something that you can hardly encounter in fellow human, but when it does, life would be great eh?
  • Every dog lover will think that their dog is the best one on earth, even if they just eat, sleep, and run around the house freely. But who am I to judge?

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Funny Dog Captions on Instagram

Dog is a hilarious creature in nature. There are some Instagram captions about dogs that would be able to depict this fact. Some hilarious quotes about living with the canine might be well expressed by some dog captions for Instagram. The following list only shows some examples.

  • I wish my dog can navigate phone with its little paws and exchanging texts with me every hour of the day.
  • There people who would be dubbed as crazy cat lady and get mad. I wouldn’t mind to be called as crazy puppy lady and would wear it as badge of honor.
  • The more potential partners that I meet, the closer I come into conclusion that no one can beat my dog in this department.
  • I wonder what would be my given name if my dog is able to name me? Perhaps: favorite hooman.
  • I wear accessories in the form of dog hairs.
  • Dog is the perfect excuse to avoid pissing off relatives: Oh, sorry I didn’t laugh at your joke? I caught my dog’s cold.
  • There is no better position on the house than laying belly down on your cool floor with your little puppy beside you.
  • The indescribable viscous substance on my pants is dog drool, thanks for asking.
  • It is not like I’m a lazy house cleaner; I just have an overly excited puppy.

Funny Dog Captions on Instagram

Dog owner often takes their dog’s preference and happiness very seriously. They do not like when their dog is being compared to others. These hilarious dog captions for Instagram take this situation in light manner.

  • Oh, so you do not like dog hair and noise when you visit my house? I can lock YOU in my room if that inconvenient you.
  • Your baby can communicate really well? My puppy and I communicate on telepathic level, so there you go.
  • If my dog does not like you upon first scenting, then I know I would not like you either.
  • My dog cannot learn tricks to save its life but I know I’ll be there to dodge anything that comes in its way. Such as, Frisbee.

There are also some funny dog captions for Instagram that is heavy with slice of life. Here are some of the examples.

  • Let’s learn from the dog that you can always hide your poop with few kicks of dirt. It has no smile and nobody sees it.
  • I should learn more about how to be myself, just how my dog is relieving itself on crowded park ground eight in the morning.

Sweet Dog Captions

You will be able to learn some heartwarming dog captions for Instagram to accompany the most beautiful dog pictures you have. You can also find dog captions for Instagram that depicts the characteristics of dogs in heartwarming manner.

Sweet Dog Captions

  • My sun does not come in the form of solid and hot stars located thousand light years from earth. It comes in the form of soft snuggle bundle with the cutest bark ever known to mankind.
  • The ups and downs in life feel a lot better when you have four legged companion along the way.
  • When I reach out blindly for companion, I know I can always find soft fur against my fingertips.
  • Life used to feel so quiet and lonely before a beautiful bundle comes in.
  • I feel like I want to be a loyal person in the way my dog faithfully wait for me at the hallway when I enter the house.
  • Your dog asks you to do the bare minimum but you know that it deserves the whole world.
  • Therapy? Expensive. Playing with the dog? You do it for free and you get warm cuddles to go with.
  • Life is empty if you are waking up without dog hair in your mouth.

It is interesting that you can get plenty of captions related to your dogs. Use one of these dog captions for Instagram in your posts!