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As we know, promotion is one of important things to do to increase the company’s sale. In this case, survey is a part of promotion method that the company conducted. Making the Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey will help the management to understand the customers’ point of view.

By using the survey, the company can slowly fix their shortcoming. It can also make a good relationship with the customers. Since the company is willing to hear the customer’s opinion, it helps them to gain a good reputation in the circle.

Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey at

About Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey

Biscuitville is a family-owned fast food restaurant chain located at North Carolina, Unites States. It was found by Maurice Jennings who was a former flour salesman in 1966. It was actually at pizza restaurant at first, named Pizzaville, and then it changed to Biscuitville because the founder admitted he didn’t know anything about pizza and made a mess out of it.

Maurice Jennings is a person who is eager to learn, and he wasn’t afraid of experiment. He started this company from a scratch. After all of the effort, he finally be able to make Biscuitvile until how it is today.

In making this  Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey, the company also provides a prize for each participant. In fact, prize is a must for every event in the company, especially the ones to promote the products. With this, the promotion can run smoothly, so both company and customers will surely get the benefit.

Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey Details

Survey nameBiscuitville Guest Experience Survey
CountryNorth Carolina, United States
PrizesGet a redemption code
Entry methodOnline survey
Entry limitOne person per receipt
Receipt valid7 days
Offer limitOnly one free item per receipt and per visit

Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey Prizes

There are many kinds of prizes offered by Biscuitville, such as the discount, free items, points, and even cashes. Biscuitville offered the free item for one receipt in one time visited. It was in form of a validation code which can be redeem with one free item from all Biscuitville’s products.

With this kind of prizes, people who barely manage to buy a food from this restaurant can also taste the other menus. When they try the free item and like it afterward, they may become a regular visitor. So, it is not a waste of time to participate in this survey.

Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey Rules

Before joining this survey, make sure you obey the rules to get a better result. These are the rules to participate at Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey:

  • You are at the minimum age of 18 years old or above.
  • You must be a citizen of Unites States with a legal resident status.
  • All employees of the company are not allowed to take part at Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey.
  • You must have the purchase receipt. It is the newest one during the survey period.
  • You should have a good understanding in English.
  • The prizes can be exchanged for cash.

Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey Requirements

To some extents, not just anybody could participate at Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey. These are the requirements needed to select the rightful person.

  • You should be at a legal age of 18 years old.
  • You should be a legal resident of United States.
  • Just prepare a good internet access from your gadget like mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • You should have visited the company during the Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey event, and have a receipt from there.
  • A valid email address and phone number.

Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey at

  1. Prepare your newest bill receipt.
  2. Visit the official website of Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey at
  3. Enter the survey details found at the receipt.
  4. Press the ‘Start‘ button to begin your Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey.
  5. Answer all questions honestly.
  6. Rate your satisfaction based on what you have experienced at Biscuitville.
  7. Make sure to rate and answer the survey honestly without any flatter or slander.
  8. Enter your personal information to get the redemption code. Make sure you do not write the wrong details because you will be contacted by email.
  9. Next, complete the survey and wait for the notification to come through your email address.
  10. The code can be exchange for a free item on the next visit.


It is not difficult to join the survey, isn’t it? Just spare you time to take it. Well, besides to make an improvement, the purpose of Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey is also to thank the customers for their trust. In addition, the company can also maintain a good relationship with customers and hold them firmly to be the regular visitors.