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Stop & Shop In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey at – An address at 1385 Hancock St. in Quincy is the sponsor of this sweepstakes: Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC. Located in the northeastern United States, the corporation owns and manages a grocery network. It has around 400 outlets across major cities, with over 80,000 employees working there.

When is the Stop & Shop In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes?

Stop & Shop is conducting a survey of its customers to get their opinions. As part of an effort to encourage participation and reward client loyalty, it operates alongside a sweepstakes program There was an official start date of January 1, 2022, for the current version of the sweepstakes. Ending time is 11.59pm EST December 31, 2022. During this three-month period, the start and end dates of each calendar month coincide.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Official regulations say that residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey are only eligible to participate in the sweepstakes. In order to participate in the drawing, participants must be at least 18 years old. For the sake of the sweepstakes’ integrity, all employees of Stop & Shop and its affiliated businesses, agents, and consultants are prohibited from participating. In addition, no members of these workers’ households or their immediate families are permitted to attend. It is illegal to conduct this contest in any state or jurisdiction other than those specifically indicated in the rules of this sweepstakes.

There are Two Methods to Participate:

Stop & Shop In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey at

  • Online Survey

Participating in the survey at and filling out the registration form is the most common method of entry. There is no minimum purchase quantity required to be eligible for the promotion. To find out whether you’ve received an offer to participate in a survey, just look at your receipt. Use the receipt number to log in to the website and continue. One entry will be given to you after you’ve finished the course. This entry’s current entry period. Please keep in mind that you must complete the survey within five days after making a purchase from the business. Verify the expiration date on your receipt to be sure.

  • Alternate Method of Entry

If you don’t want to make a purchase or participate in the online survey in order to join the sweepstakes, you may send a letter instead. Put your entire name, address, phone number, birthday, and email address on a 3′′ × 5′′ piece of paper. Send this in a business envelope to the Stop & Shop Instore Customer Satisfaction Survey at the address below. PO Box 456 in Newark, New York, with zip code 14513 is the official location. To be considered for the prior month’s entry period, this must be postmarked by the 1st of the calendar month. By the 8th of every month, it should also be received. The envelope should only have one entry. Attempts to submit multiple submissions will be regarded as illegitimate. Reproductions by mechanical means are strictly prohibited. Each month-long period has a maximum of five submissions for each individual.

What are The Prizes?

Each entry period will have ten winners. $500 gift cards will be given to each of the winners. Since these awards are valued at $5,000 a month, the total retail value is $5,000. There may be only one winner per home every entry time. The usage of the gift card will be subject to its own rules and regulations. The rewards cannot be transferred or replaced unless the sponsor agrees. If, for example, the specified reward is no longer accessible, a prize substitute may be necessary. We need a replacement that is at least as good as the original There will be no compensation for prizes that are lost or stolen.

Who Gets to Choose The Winners, and How Do They Do It?

People may win if their entries are selected during the designated drawing dates. To guarantee equality, the selection process will be completely random. Only those submissions that are eligible for the current entry period will be included in the drawing. Entries that do not win will be discarded and will not be used in future drawings. The more submissions there are, the better your chances of winning will be. The official regulations and administrator judgments will be used to address any issues. These are final and binding decisions.

What is The Procedure For a Prize Claimant?

If an entrant wins, they will get a notice by email or phone call. Within two business days after the drawings, they should hear from us by phone, email, or traditional mail. All contestants, save those forbidden by local law, must sign an Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability, and Publicity Release before being declared the winner. To be eligible for the reward, you must respond within seven days of receiving notified. The reward may be awarded to an alternative winner if these or other conditions are not met.

Where Can I Find Out Who Won The Sweepstakes?

Requests for a copy of the winners’ list may be made by mail. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope by May 13, 2021, and we’ll take care of the rest. Stop & Shop In-Store Customer Satisfaction Survey Winners List” P.O. Box 458, Newark, NY. By attending to the Customer Service counter following the scheduled drawings, Rhode Island residents may acquire a list of winners.

What About Rights, Privacy, and Future Contact?

You will be asked to sign an agreement that allows the sponsor and their representatives to use your name, image, and other personal information for promotional reasons. They must agree that all submissions will be owned by the sponsor and used in any way they see appropriate, so long as all participants consent to this. Entries will only be used for the purpose of winning prizes in this contest, according to official regulations. You can’t give them away or give them out for rent or for sale to anybody else. To understand more about the regulations, please visit


The Stop & Shop Customer Satisfaction Survey is a terrific opportunity for regular customers to share their input and help their favorite businesses grow. A pleasant perk of entering contests is the possibility of winning a reward. Check out the rules before getting involved.