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If you think IHOP has been your favorite diner in the United States, you must have come to the place quite often. That said, that would be better if you participate in this IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey to help the company know what bothers you while dining in the place. You can as well voice your opinion.

Through this IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey, you will be able to help the company to make their service better than before. Therefore, you can have a better customer experience as the company will always try to make their service better and improve how their customer feels about their service.

About IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey

IHOP is an acronym which stands for the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). The company is a multinational company that specializes in being a pancake restaurant. The company was founded in 1958 by three people: Jerry Lapin, Albert Kallis, and Al Lapin Jr.

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey at www.talktoihop.com

Despite being already ran for a long time, the pancake restaurant chain is still running. Currently, the company serves the United States of America and also Canada with a total branch of 1,650 branches, spread out in those countries.

With those numbers in mind, it is no wonder that they have more than 30,000 employees working under their company.

As said earlier, the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey is simply conducted in order to measure how satisfied the customers are with their service. Aside from that, they are also curious about what makes the customer experience better while dining in the place.

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey Details

Survey NameIHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey
Survey URLwww.talktoihop.com
Survey PrizeYou can get a short stack buttermilk pancake
Receipt valid untilThree days after the purchase
Offer expires after30 days post purchase (30 days after the date printed on the receipt)
Survey limit per personEach person only gets one entry chance
Prize limitYou can get only one prize item and per survey entry

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey Prizes

As you enter this IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey, you will be able to get their special short stack of buttermilk pancakes. If you are a big fan of this pancakes, you better take a moment to participate in this survey conducted by the diner.

After completing this survey, you will be able to claim their buttermilk pancake, a short-stack one. Even though it is just a short stack, that’d be better than getting nothing for your participation, right?

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules

  • IHOP purchase receipt with survey code provided will be needed for accessing the survey.
  • Only legal residents of the United States of America are allowed to take the survey.
  • All participants can only take this IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey
  • The coupon code that is offered to you will only be able to be used for one-time claim.
  • It is not transferrable into any type of rewards.

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey Requirements

  • You need to be able to comprehend English and/or Spanish as the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey will be conducted in any of those languages.
  • You need to prepare your own gadget to access the survey website.
  • You will also need to be able to access internet using your prepared gadget.
  • You’ll also need to prepare your most recent purchase receipt from IHOP diner with survey code attached onto it.

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey at www.talktoihop.com

  1. First, make sure that your gadget is attached to the internet.
  2. Then, launch your internet browser and type the official survey webpage address of IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey at www.talktoihop.com.
  3. In general, your page will show the user interface in English. If you wish to change the language, you can do so. Simply click ‘Espanol’ link which is typed in blue color. You can find this link on the center position of the page.
  4. Get your receipt ready. Now, enter the survey code, indicate the visit time, and the server ID.
  5. You can refer to the ‘anatomy’ of the receipt while entering the details. Make sure not to make mistakes while entering the details since you’ll not be able to access the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey.
  6. Click ‘Start’ to begin taking the survey.
  7. A bundle of questions will be shown to you. The questions will typically consist of multiple-choice questions as well as fill-it type of questions.
  8. Make sure to answer all the questions provided on the page. Plus, make sure to answer the questions with your honest answer as these data will be used to improve customer experience the next time you visit IHOP.
  9. As you complete answering the survey questions, you will be required to fill in a certain short form asking your identity. Don’t worry, it is just for the sake for the survey.
  10. Now you can submit your survey and you will receive the validation code afterwards.

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey Video Guide

Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 1-800-650-8330

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Those are some details about IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey. Hope you will find this information useful to help you get the survey done in easier way. Plus, we also hope you can get the prize offered by the company as a form of appreciation.