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Swiss Chalet has created an online survey at called the Guest Satisfaction Survey to collect feedback from its customers. Companies utilize feedback from customers like you to shape product development. So that you don’t have to go out of your way, this survey may be completed online.

Participating in the survey will allow you to get your opinion heard. If you want to notify the corporation what occurred, you can. They are doing the right thing because they are curious about success stories. They need to hear the negative feedback, since it indicates there may be an issue with their store and prompts them to investigate and make any adjustments. To sweeten the deal, if you buy an entrée you get a complimentary bowl of soup, salad, or order of Perogies.

About Swiss Chalet

Across the nation, Canadians have come to enjoy dining at Swiss Chalet, a chain restaurant that has quickly gained in popularity. Initially established in 1954, it is headquartered in Toronto. To date, in Canada (with the exception of Quebec), there have been more than 200 Swiss Chalet franchises established.

The chain’s signature rotisserie chicken and slow-cooked rib meals have earned widespread acclaim. Home fries with poutine, salads, and cole slaw are just some of the side dishes available. Customers may dine in, place takeout orders, or arrange for delivery. The Swiss Chalet website accepts phone and online orders.

Swiss Chalet Guest Survey Requirements

  • Possess ready access to both a computer and the Internet.
  • Ability to read English or French is required.
  • To participate in the poll, please have a recent receipt from Swiss Chalet on hand.

How to Take the Swiss Chalet Guest Satisfaction Survey

Swiss Chalet Guest Satisfaction Survey at

  1. To begin, please visit
  2. The survey is also available in French; to access it, just click the white hyperlink that appears just below the “Start” button.
  3. Third, key in the access code, date of your visit, and cheque number. The receipt contains all of these data in several fields. Check out the two sides for more useful receipt examples. If you’re ready to get going, just hit the play button.
  4. Respond to inquiries Before moving on to a new page, take sure to read the instructions and review the questions and answer options. You may use this to determine which option is most appropriate. Be candid and comprehensive in your responses.
  5. Fifth, if you have a printer that is switched on and ready to print, you may get your hands on the freebie coupon. You may have it sent to you and then print it out whenever you have access to a printer.