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The purpose of the Zaxbys Guest Satisfaction Survey is to help the company better serve its customers. You should absolutely take the time out to let Zaxby’s know your opinions as a customer if you are a frequent client there. This is why the Zaxby’s owners created the poll in the first place, to find out how satisfied their customers are with the restaurant. Solely from a business perspective, they want to know how they’re performing and what they can improve upon.

In the end, provide the most truthful answers you can to the questions. Dish out honest information regarding their menu, decor, personnel, and service. In order to make your point, you may be harsh if you like.

About Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is known for its eclectic menu, which includes items such as chicken wings, fries, sandwiches, and other finger foods. Zaxby’s is like any other fast food joint, but its sauce selection is unmatched. Customers may choose from a wide variety of sources, and they also have the freedom to combine sources in their own creative ways.

In the 1990s, two buddies from childhood founded Zaxby’s. More than 801 of their eateries may be found in the south right now. They provide a large selection of beverages and kid-friendly fare. Even while Zaxby’s cuisine isn’t very innovative, its straightforwardness is part of its appeal and what brings in customers day after day.

Zaxby’s Survey Requirements

  • It is required that you have access to the internet.
  • You should absolutely have a computer or smart phone.
  • You will also need your most recent Zaxby’s receipt.

How to Take the Zaxby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

Zaxbys Guest Satisfaction Survey at

  1. Take the survey at your leisure by clicking here:
  2. It’s up to you to decide which language is best for you.
  3. Depending on the nature of the survey, you may be required to input data from your receipt, including the date and time of your most recent visit, the total number of visits, and the survey entry code printed on your receipt.
  4. Following that, a series of questions will be posed to you on your most recent visit to Zaxby’s.


You should take the survey to let Zaxby’s know how you feel about the food, service, and fun environment. Your feedback will be used to enhance the company overall, which will lead to a better experience for you in the future.