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Krispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey at – In order to better serve its customers, Krispy Kreme has created an online survey called Krispy Kreme Listens, which can be accessed at For your convenience, we’ve made this survey available online.

In and of itself, submitting a review is a kind gesture. It doesn’t matter whether you’re complimenting or criticizing the firm. Their curiosity is piqued when they find out that things are going well, but they must also be informed when things go wrong. Thus, they are able to identify trends in problematic shops and make adjustments as a result.

Krispy Kreme Survey Details

Survey NameKrispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey
Survey RewardFree a Coupon
Survey URL
Receipt Valid4 Days
Survey Limit1/receipt
Survey MethodBy Online
Coupon Valid and Limit90 Days after survey completion, One coupon per visit

About Krispy Kreme

Since its founding in the 1930s by the son of a general store owner in North Carolina, Krispy Kreme has become a household name. Since its first glazed doughnut was released in the 1940s, Dunkin’ Donuts has grown tremendously, particularly in the South.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is remains the company’s headquarters location to this day.’ Furthermore, more than 1,000 Krispy Kreme locations have been established in the United States and other countries including as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. More than 4,000 people work for the company’s well-known coffee and doughnut offerings.

Krispy Kreme Survey Requirements

  • Possess a computer and Internet connection.
  • Read and understand English.
  • Obtain a recent Krispy Kreme receipt with a survey invitation.

How to Take the Krispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey

Krispy Kreme Guest Satisfaction Survey at

  • Visit for more information.
  • Enter the 15-digit survey code from your receipt. You don’t need to move your cursor to other text fields to input the code; just keep typing to enter all of the numbers. Start by pressing the start button.
  • Do your best to answer the questions posed. Honesty is the best policy. Honesty is key, since you’re telling the firm about your experiences and they’ll utilize it to make required adjustments. The answers will be incorrect if they are not given truthfully. Scaling, multiple choice, and text boxes are all types of questions.
  • You’ll be given a particular question, and you’ll score your experience on a scale of one to ten or one to five when you use the scaling questions. Typically, a multiple-choice question will have four possible solutions.
  • Selecting more than one answer is also a possibility. In certain cases, you’ll see text boxes as well. An further explanation or a description of an issue might be provided in this manner.