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Find out how satisfied your customers are with various aspects of your IGA experience by taking the IGA Shopper Experience Survey at www.igastore-feedback.com. The data is utilized for a variety of purposes, the most prominent of which is the enhancement of the company’s customer service and general ambiance. For your convenience, we’re conducting this poll entirely online.

You, the consumer, have the option of providing feedback to the firm. You have insider knowledge that the business does not. Companies can monitor everything that goes on in their establishments, therefore feedback from consumers is essential. Most importantly, the comments help figure out what works and what doesn’t. In this approach, the business may focus its efforts where they will have the most impact. Also up for grabs are $50 worth of IGA gift certificates.

About IGA Shopper

IGA, short for Independent Grocers Alliance, is a chain of independent supermarkets with locations in over 5,000 locations across 30 nations. This Chicago-based organization was founded in 1926 to aid neighborhood grocery retailers in competing with national conglomerates.

Many IGAs are family-owned and operated, making them really one-of-a-kind destinations. The alliance offers its members access to resources including training and evaluation programs, private label goods, and a distribution system.

IGA Shopper Experience Survey Requirements

  • In other words, a computer connected to the web.
  • Possessing a functional level of English reading comprehension.
  • If you have a recent receipt from an IGA Shopper participating shop, you may enter.
  • You must be 18 or older to join in.

How to Take the IGA Shopper Experience Survey

IGA Shopper Experience Survey at www.igastore-feedback.com

  1. Take a look at www.igastore-feedback.com.
  2. Choose between the US and the Caribbean/Mexico region as the store’s location.
  3. To find a store near you, enter your zip code below. To provide your opinion on a specific shop, click the Provide Feedback button and then choose the store from the list that appears on the right. Stores in the Caribbean and Mexico may be found by first selecting the country from a drop-down menu and then choosing the specific store from a list.
  4. Please choose the time and date of your visit and then rate the comments and questions that follow. There are questions on nine pages; please answer them truthfully and follow all instructions carefully.
  5. Participate in the contest by entering the drawing. The form requires basic information such as name, email address, and phone number.