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If you recently visited Autozone and purchased something, you sure get a purchase receipt, you can participate in this Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey. By participating in this survey, you can tribute to the company’s improvement.

It is not a difficult survey to participate in, though. You only need to spare around 3-5 minutes to participate in this survey. The questions to answer aren’t many, so you can quickly answer it and get the survey done.

Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey at

About Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey is a survey which you can participate and provide your opinion regarding the service given at the store. Autozone is a well-known place in which you can purchase auto parts with a cheap price.

The store is the main business of the company, which has been going public for quite a long time. As per 2022, the company has been providing auto parts for people living in the United States for 43 years. There are several other countries which also have this store, such as Brazil and Mexico.

Aside from Brazil and Mexico, there are U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico which are parts of the corporation’s scope of business. With a company that big, there are also a large number of store location scattered throughout the countries 6,003 locations to be exact.

The number of employees they have been employing is also massive. According to Wikipedia, the company has been employing with 87,000 employees working for them.

To keep the service quality, the company is conducting Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey. Hence, the customers can convey their opinion after their visit to the store.

Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey Details

Survey nameAutozone Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey languageEnglish or Spanish
Survey prizeNone
Survey methodOnline, with a transaction number, store number, and date of visit required
Minimum age to enter21 years old
Survey countryUnited States, Puerto Rico, or Mexico (For this article, you will be seeing the guidance for ones living in the United States).
Receipt valid7 days after purchase.
Survey limitOne survey entry per person and per receipt.

Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey Prizes

After you take Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey, you won’t be receiving any prizes. However, that should not stop you from taking this survey. Your opinion will be beneficial to help the company to improve themselves.

Moreover, it isn’t at all a difficult survey to participate in. You only need to spare around five minutes to do the survey, and you can get it done.

Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

  • You need to purchase something to be able to join Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • You need to prepare your purchase receipt as you need the details placed on it to enter the survey portal.
  • Legal residents of United States, Puerto Rico, or Mexico can participate in this survey.
  • Minimum age to enter is 21 years old.
  • Employees of Autozone cannot participate in Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Only one entry for each month is allowed.

Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey Requirements

  • You need to prepare your device, readily connected to the internet. You can opt to use PC, smartphone, or a tablet. However, the best thing is when you are using PC since it’d ease you while answering the questions.
  • A good understanding of English
  • Several minutes to spare.
  • A purchase receipt from Autozone.

Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey at

  1. First of all, prepare the device you want to work the Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey Make sure it is connected to the internet.
  2. Launch your internet browser and make sure to write the address right. The official survey website is at
  3. As you visit the website, select your region ‘USA and Puerto Rico’, then click on ‘United States’. The survey will be conducted in English if you choose ‘United States’ and Spanish for Puerto Rico.
  4. Click ‘Next’ after reading the short introduction text. Get your purchase receipt ready.
  5. You can enter the transaction number, store number, and date of visit as requested in the form provided. Then, you can also rate your overall satisfaction as you visited the store. click ‘Next’ afterwards.
  6. You can start taking the survey. At the first questions, you will be asked to describe your experience why you choose to rate with the score you’ve given earlier. Continue with the rating process.
  7. Click ‘Next’, and Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey will be done already. Your response will be automatically stored.


That sums up the details you need to know about Autozone Customer Satisfaction Survey. So, do you have a plan on joining this survey? If so, make sure to read the explanation above first before working on the survey. That’d help you to know whether you qualify to be the right participant or not.