80+ Savage Instagram Captions for Savage Posts

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Are you looking for savage Instagram captions for savage posts on your account? Here are some great ones for you.

To some people, sharing savage Instagram captions becomes something that they do on daily basis. They may sound controversial to others, but these captions are at times methods to cope with difficult situation. These captions can be cathartic to you if you are dealing with problems in your life.

It is good that people may also enjoy reading such savage words because they sometimes are able to relate to that. Your Instagram followers may have similar thoughts as you but do not have courage to actually post such captions. In that case, your post can be motivational for them as well.

Are you interested in looking inspirations for savage Instagram captions? The following captions might be able to help you unveiling new and bold side of you that your followers do not aware of. Those captions suit many kinds of situations that you find yourself in.

Savage Instagram Captions

Savage Instagram Captions

Improving self-esteem after a difficult time is hurt, but you have to aim for such goal to achieve better outcomes in life. Here are some savage themes captions that you might find motivating when it comes to achieving your own self esteem.

  • I’m a humble person with a midge of Kanye thrown into the mix.
  • I feel like a world class superstar performing in a barn. I know I could do better than this.
  • Being stepped on is always harsh but next time I will aim to step onto others with my kitten heels.
  • Stay pretty even if dump truck just hit you.

Savage Captions for Relationship

Perhaps you are just ending a relationship with boyfriend or girlfriend? You may not end the relationship on good note. Being newly single can be expressed with savage Instagram captions to your followers. Well, it is hurt to end a friendship with someone who has been around for years. However, you must avoid people who are toxic. Here are some bold quotes that may suit you.

Savage Captions for Relationship

  • It is embarrassing to admit that I only had heart eyes for you. Ugh, I need to rinse my eyes.
  • Everyone think I could do better than you. Seeing how ugly you are today I wonder what I saw in you.
  • You get a new girlfriend? Best luck in trying to replace the only awesomeness you will ever experience in life?
  • Being single is a great excuse to party hard from day to night.
  • Sometimes your biggest enemy is staying closest to you and planting seeds of negativity in your life. It is better to kick them goodbye.
  • There is no “we” in the word “happiness” so you know that we shouldn’t be together for me to be happy.
  • Friendship with you is a time that I desperately want to erase from my mind and my book of life.

Savage Captions for Instagram

Workplace is a place that is hard to navigate, both professionally and personally. Sometimes, you will feel hurt by others there. In order to vent out your feeling, you can definitely use these savage Instagram captions. Just make sure to lock your account.

Savage Captions for Instagram

  • If I skip work tomorrow, I know that it would be chaotic.
  • You appreciate me but cannot raise my salary? Expect my resignation letter on your desk tomorrow!
  • No, I don’t want to do your tasks just because you are senior. Yes, I know I’m much smarter than you.
  • Working in this place makes me realize that I’m the best smile faker on earth.

Do you want to show the world more about your traits, even the most undesirable one? Showing a side of you that people may not accept can be quite difficult. However, it is a way to stay honest with yourself. Here are some savage Instagram captions for that.

  • I have a good heart my mouth just cannot help but spewing annoying words.
  • Sarcasm is my identity; you either take it or leave it. But if you take it, I’ll make sure to make your time worthwhile beside me.
  • I’m too blunt that you can smoke my true words and feel high.

Are you in the middle of a competition for something and your rivals do not take you too seriously? If so, you can express your savageness through these captions.

  • Even the alphabet knows this, the letter “I” comes before “U”. Therefore we know how this match will end.
  • You dare to treat me like I’m the joke. I will leave you in the last place because it is you who are funny.
  • I’m going to go ahead and make my presence annoy you a lot you cannot ignore me any longer.
  • Royalties just do not compete with proletarians.

Savage Captions as a Hope

Some savage Instagram captions are also used to express your hope for the future. It can be hilarious to express it in these ways. You may want to “shade” other people using your Instagram posts. If you want to do that, just share Instagram’s savage captions like in the below list.

Savage Captions as a Hope

Some inspirations can even be derived from animals. If you are interested in being savage but not coming on too strong, you can share these savage Instagram captions with animal photos.

  • If the next year my savings are still not enough to afford me a designer bag, I’m going on rampage.
  • New Year, please treat me kindly instead of kicking me in the butt like you have been doing these past years.
  • I should find better friends, boyfriends, and colleagues next year or I might tear my hair out.
  • You know, attitude is more important than how pretty you are.
  • It is nice to have everyone by your side even if you are clearly a wrong.
  • Isn’t it good to be handsome and an airhead at the same time?

Savage Captions from Movies & Song Lyrics

You can also take inspirations for savage Instagram captions from various movie quotes. Here are some of the examples.

  • Am I not allowed to sleep, eat, and meow-ing all day on the couch? Me? The king of the house?
  • Who the hell stole my food from my dog bowl?
  • I’m hibernating like a bear in this tough season.
  • We only wear pink in this household on Wednesday or you can’t sit with us!
  • Take what others love to get a full control of them!
  • Please leave that idealistic view behind. The world changes you instead of you change it.

Savage Captions from Movies & Song Lyrics

Song lyrics can be snappy too and would be great for savage Instagram captions inspirations. The following list shows some captions inspired by such lyrics. Famous figures sometimes also have some savage words to say. Let’s take a look at them for the inspirations of your next post.

  • You knock me down about nine times but I will get up in ten, dear.
  • Real royalty does not need question marks over their heart.
  • I’m sitting on the bleachers, but I’m more loyal than the cheer captain.
  • You are going to wish that I am your fantasy.
  • You will find it hard to defeat someone who does not know how to give up.
  • You cannot go to the original you once the world has beaten and built you right back up.
  • Respect is the way to treat anyone is your life not just people that you wish to impress.
  • Remaining the same is overrated. Be better!

You can use plenty of captions wit savage theme to enrich your Instagram posts. These savage Instagram captions should be able to help you.