95+ Instagram Selfie Captions that Could Rack More Like for Your Photos

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In dire need of interesting Instagram selfie captions because you just snap a perfect photo? Here is the big collection of lines to use on your post right now.

Instagram selfie captions below are very handy to use whenever you want to upload your self-taken photos or portrait on the platform. It ranges from funny, clever, to cool captions that are completely free to copy, use, and put under your post.

Plenty of people have searched for interesting Instagram selfie captions, since sharing selfie has boomed from the invention of front facing camera on smartphone. Millions of people uploaded millions of their picture every day on social media. If you are one of them, then you can make the most of your selfie by using appealing captions to stand out from other people.

Below is a huge collection Instagram selfie captions that you can use on the sharing images-based site. The captions are already sorted into several categories so you’d find the one that would match your photo easier.

Instagram Selfie Captions

Instagram Selfie Captions

Looking for a perfect caption that is as cute as the photos you took this morning after you got ready? Then check these set Instagram selfie captions out because you might find an appealing one to post with your sweet selfies that may make your followers’ day.

  • Just like the stars, we radiate shine from within ourselves.
  • Let’s start today start with this photo of me.
  • Keep calm and take cute selfies.
  • If you cannot get me out of your head, then maybe I am supposed to be there.
  • It’s not the Instagram filter; I am definitely born with it.
  • Not everyone will like me, but then again, I assume not everyone matters.
  • Blink if you think this photo is cute!
  • May your life would always be as fleek as my eyebrows today.
  • Insecurity is the worst enemy for any woman.
  • Look, it’s time to upload a selfie o’clock.
  • You do not anyone’s approval to feel pretty, you have your own.
  • Be savage and do not be average.
  • Girls with messy buns are always the fun ones.
  • The only person I want to impress when I put on dress and makeup is me.
  • I can’t be the sunshine that bright everyone else’s life, but I left sparkles here and there.
  • Human cannot fly but at least I have wings on my eyeliner.
  • Let’s party today like it’s my birthday.
  • Drop boys like it’s hot.
  • Good morning, sunshine!
  • Good night, moonlight!
  • Who will believe in myself if I did not.
  • The days where I finally take perfect selfies are the days that I live for.
  • Speak only good words, spread only positive vibes.
  • Lazy Sunday morning selfie.
  • My memories of last night are all blur, and so do all these pictures.

Posting selfie, especially the good ones are fun. These Instagram selfie captions above are ideal to use on cute photos of yours that are worth to share with your audience.

Good Instagram Selfie Captions

What’s better than an on-point selfie? It is an on-point selfie that accompanied with funny caption. Be ready to make your followers’ day by putting Instagram selfie captions that would make them chuckle because of how witty it is. Read list of silly lines below to use on your next uploaded post.

Good Instagram Selfie Captions

  • Said she’s a model but turn out her agency is Instagram.
  • Do not live for other’s acceptance, or else we’ll be dying by rejection.
  • I used to want to be liked, but then I realize I’m not a Facebook status.
  • Some people are just as ugly inside as they are outside.
  • Today I’m wearing the smile that you gave yesterday.
  • Took this photo as reminder how I look when I finally got wrinkle someday.
  • I rate how close I am to people by my willingness to send them ugly selfies.
  • Everything in the morning before coffee are blurs.
  • Too lazy to put on makeup, but then I remember how satisfying it was to take a good selfie.
  • I’m the one who put the ‘we’ in the word ‘weird’.
  • My mirror said I look great today but apparently my camera didn’t agree.
  • Wait until I snap 50 selfies and finally get a decent one.
  • Roll my eyes so hard I just saw my brain.
  • True horror is accidentally open my front camera.
  • Looks may not be everything, but I have them only in case.
  • Woke up like this… because I forgot to take off my makeup last night.
  • Highest confidence level a girl could achieve: posting bare selfies without any filter.
  • My cat dared me to upload this selfie.
  • I am not ashamed of what I am; that’s my parents’ job.
  • NASA is going to send me with rocket to outer space, because turns out I’m a star.
  • I am a unique human being, you know, just like anybody else.
  • I weigh in one hundred and funny.
  • My hairstyle today called ‘At least I tried’.

Great selfies that come with great Instagram selfie captions are the killer combo. A few lines of self-deprecating humors won’t hurt either, just like several lines from the collection of funny captions above.

Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram

There is no better way to spread confidence then wearing the confidence itself. These catchy Instagram Selfie Captions would make your followers in awe with the just enough self-love that you have without looking like a narcissistic.

Funny Selfie Captions for Instagram

  • Caution: these selfies might make your heart skip a bit.
  • My smile is big, but my heart is bigger.
  • My mind is like 50% sweet and 50% savage.
  • Life may not be perfect, but my eyebrows always strive to be.
  • I am fresher than watermelon in the summer.
  • I put my photo on top of Christmas tree because I’m a star like that.
  • I wanted to cry, but then I remember how expensive my mascara is.
  • A queen without the king is a woman with more power.
  • It’s impossible for the basics to do the epics.
  • Accept that not everyone will go to like you, because not everyone has good taste.
  • Heard that? That’s the sound of karma preparing itself to come for you.
  • Fixing your face is hard, but fixing your attitude is probably harder.
  • Don’t waste time for people who treat you ordinarily.
  • Princess your beauty doesn’t shine; it blinds.
  • Happiness is chemical, so bring me the caffeine please.
  • If someone treat you like a joke, leave them like it’s funny.
  • Looking sweet outside, but dangerous inside.
  • The reasons why God gave us two hands are because some people are too much to handle.
  • I don’t chase people, I’m the catch.
  • 5’3 with an attitude of 6’2.
  • I don’t come with remote, so I am not meant to be controlled.
  • It’s not called being mean, it’s called being honest.
  • Always smile in front of people you hate like you are about to take selfie.
  • If you’re going to judge me by my selfies, please use this one.
  • Smile so bright they’d wonder why.

These sassy Instagram captions for selfie for you the Instagram baddies out there. The inspirations for Instagram Selfie Captions with savage tones can spice up your insta-feed and make your posts more engaging to the world, especially for people who follow you on the social media.

The captions for selfie are often meant to be fun and not to be taken seriously. That’s why using humorous Instagram selfie captions are more fun. it would also make you stand out amongst million users who use the platform.