65+ Inspirational Instagram Captions to Inspire People Around You

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It is not difficult to see why people want to share inspirational Instagram captions. It is an effort to share positivity and inspiring people around you.

Posting meaningful pictures with inspirational Instagram captions is an activity loved by many users, regardless of their ages. You hope that followers who stumble across your posts would be inspired to do better things in their lives. Some people also hope to inspire themselves by creating such inspirational posts.

Combining photos with inspirational Instagram captions is a great thing to do. Great photos and deep words would have higher impact higher impact for others than if you are just posting a picture or quote or even by talking. You will find some fine examples of such captions in the following parts of this passage.

Inspirational Instagram Captions

Best Inspirational Instagram Captions

Some of the most amazing inspirational Instagram captions are derived from quotes from famous figures. These people have gone through a lot in their lives that they can come up with inspiring captions worthy for Instagram like the following ones.

Best Inspirational Instagram Captions

  • As Camilla Kimball said, happy life is not one to be found. It is one to be made by you.
  • There is nothing not painful about growing and changing up. However, those steps are much less painful than being stuck in a place that you no longer belong. – Mandy Hale
  • It is your consent for others to make you feel inferior that makes you feel inferior. (Eleanor Roosevelt).
  • When you believe that everything is within your control, then you are still not speedy enough for a change.
  • Charles Dickens once said that it is important to reflect on your blessings in the present because without realizing it, you have plenty. However, learn not to dwell with your misfortunes in the past because you do not have much to begin with.
  • Anyone who practices gratefulness in life would begin respecting others. – Dalai Lama
  • You cannot go wrong with anything that you want to try doing as long as you have love and inspirations for it.
  • If one door of happiness is closed for you, another one would open up. However, we tend to regret upon the closed door for so long that we neglect the one that is already opened. (Hellen Keller).
  • There are few questions that you have to ask yourself when an opportunity for a change presents itself: Where do I need to develop myself? What do I want from life? Where am I heading? How can I get from here to there? – Marvin J. Ashton
  • Thich Nhat Hanh said: every single minute we spend to fear of our future and be miserable about our past is a single minute we miss in our engagement with life. We are missing the opportunity to be completely immersed in the quest of changing for the better, joy, and peace.

You can quote these inspirational Instagram captions word by word or paraphrasing the sentences. It depends on which style that you prefer. You can even post picture of the quotes just without caption for special impact.

Inspiring Captions for Day to Day Life

There are some other samples of inspirational Instagram captions that are not derived from famous people’s quotes too. Most of these captions are inspired by everyday life and meant to inspire people in going about in their everyday life. They are simple but impactful.

Inspiring Captions for Day to Day Life

Let’s take a look at these inspirational Instagram captions.

  • You have to do the things that you do not believe you will be able to do.
  • Do not make yourself regretting your life choices by wishing that you have started making change this day, a year from now.
  • It is you who will decide whether today would just become one day or day one.
  • Your life is not unlike developing a photograph. The negative is used to make a nice picture coming up.
  • You should never be afraid of losing people. It is losing you that you should be afraid of for trying to please every single person around you. Remember, that people who accept you as you are would remain by your side.
  • There is no sweeter revenge than moving on happily and let karma do the work for you instead of holding grudge that will eat you up from the inside.
  • Do not ever lose hope because great things are coming in your way.
  • You are allowed to cry the ugliest and scream the loudest. One thing you are not allowed to do is to give up.
  • Remember that every day is a given chance for you to get better than you were yesterday.
  • You will be surprised to realize that dreams that you achieve are the ones you did not realize you had it in you.
  • You cannot be happy every single day. But believe that there will be at least one thing that is worth happy for every day.
  • Before you go to sleep you need to ask yourself if things that you have done today are helping you to get closer to things that you want to achieve tomorrow.
  • Your day should be filled with adventures instead of things. It would be more awesome to have some stories to share than items to show off. Because stories will be forever ingrained in your mind.
  • Today should be made awesome so you can say that yesterday you are super jealous.

Funny Inspiring Captions for Instagram Followers

You might be one of people who want to integrate comedic aspect in your inspirational Instagram quotes. Such post would be more entertaining for your followers as well. Not to mention very relatable.

Funny Inspiring Captions for Instagram Followers

Here are some inspirational Instagram quotes that are also hilarious.

  • It is my dream to be “somebody” but then I realize I should be more specific about it.
  • If you want to succeed, forget the elevator and take the stairs instead.
  • I don’t fail. It is just me inventing 10,000 ways that will not work for me.
  • Take note of the mistakes made by others for you do not have time and energy to try them all by yourself.
  • Do not worry because little swearing here and there will take the edges off.
  • When shit happens in your life and you cannot do anything to prevent it, you can always turn it into fertilizer.
  • Live your life as goody two shoes possible so that if anybody tries to talk bad about you no one else is going to believe them.
  • Do not let your head get too big since you will look disproportionate.
  • Life is about trying new things to see if they would work. If it is working then good. If it is not, you can always hide the bone under a tree.
  • If the plan does not work, perhaps your plan sucks. But your dream never sucks.
  • When someone tells me that I live to deep in fantasy, I almost fall of my flying Pegasus.
  • Are you looking for the special someone who is going to change your life? Look no further than your mirror.
  • Sometimes I cannot remember the way to spell a word so I restructure a sentence to avoid using that word as best as possible.
  • If shit hits the fan, just yell “Plot Twist” as if you are living in a sitcom and moving on to the next stage.

Inspirational Instagram captions are great ways to share positivity to your followers. You will never know if someone is experiencing a bad day or having a doubt about their own self. Your best bet is by spreading positive words so they can change their minds.

You can take inspirations from those captions and use them in your posts. Hopefully you can inspire more people by using thoughtful and inspirational Instagram captions.