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Doctor’s note is a document created by a doctor that explain the named patient is in sick condition and has to take a rest from work or home after receiving medical examination and receive treatment. As an example, a person would use the note to justify their absence to make it to the office because they don’t physically well enough to go to work that day. To learn more about this document and see doctors note templates, read the following article.

Doctors Note Templates

Contents of a Doctors Note

Doctors note templates can provide you with example of how it should be formatted, and you can see that the format is quite simple. It usually includes:

  • Date and time
  • The patient’s name
  • The cause diagnosis of the condition
  • The doctor’s office contact details
  • Explanation about the recommended days of medical leave

When and Where a Doctors Note Help

Sometimes, you encounter unexpected illness or injury that prevents you to perform your job in the workplace. It’s the time where you need a sick leave. Most employers, supervisors, or managers, typically would rather their employees to take needed time to heal themselves compared to working with less capacity. Another example is if you’re a student that has to complete you exam, but then you fall sick and fail to make it to school.

In order to justify your absence in scenarios like provided examples above, you will need to use doctor’s note. It is a wise decision to use the medical note so you can provide prior notice that you’re going to miss school or work. The document works as an evidence of your sickness and prevent you to face a potential issue of unplanned absenteeism.

Benefits of Using Our Free Doctors Note Templates

The doctors note templates offered on this page is completely free to download. It is designed to be professional looking, to be used for someone who needs to design the document. They are so helpful to use, so you don’t need to create one from scratch. They contain all the essential components to create a proper medical note so you don’t have to add them anymore.

Using the doctor’s note templates can help you to save time and energy. Simply pick any of your preferred design here, and download the file to save it on your computer. They are totally customizable. You are also free to make as many copies as you need and want, for a lot of recipients, without having to spend any penny on it. You may use them to create a physical or a digital form of the document.

Doctors Note Templates

Using a Fake Doctors Note

It is unfortunately not uncommon that people forge the doctor’s note templates to fake the real medical note. It is even easier by the fact that the template already come in pre-made format and layout, so they only need minutes to modify it.

However, such an act is considered as unethical and illegal. Sure, it sounds easy; the internet has provided you with a tool of it. Not to mention, there is a little chance that someone’s caught forging the doctor’s note. It also carries a potential risk if your employer calls the healthcare provider to verify the note.

Beyond the two most important points of faking the document using doctors note templates that explained above, it also creates extra risk, as one may develop a habit of creating forged document. It makes the chance of being caught multiplies and can harm your professional or academic career in the future. So, think wisely before you consider using the template to fake your medical note.